Flight Information

International flights to and from Mongolia have been canceled until July 31st following the resolution of the State Emergency Commission on "Restrictions on the movement of citizens and passengers" to prevent the potential risk of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has unfortunately spread to more than 200 countries.
Domistic flights are operating normally. To protect you, your loved ones and our staff we are taking poteantial safety measures and disinfecting regularly.
Also following the resolution of the State Emergency Commission, our ticket office is closed starting from 4th of April to prevent the potential risk of the Covid-19 and reduce the number of public gatherings. Tickets will be sold online and through our call center via phone.


  • To purchase our ticket please go to www.hunnuair.com or please call 7000-1111.
  • If you purchase flights tickets for April, your next flight will be rewarded 50% discount.
  • If your flight is cancelled due to COVID-19 related travel bans, we are offering free date changes.
  • Please go to nczd.gov.mn/?p=13819 for recommendations and guidelines for preventing COVID-19.
  • To be updated on the current informaiton about COVID-19 please follow https://covid19.mohs.mn .


The campaign “SUPPORT THE HEROES IN WHITE COATS” has been launched to encourage and inspire industry workers who are working hard for the health of the nation in the face of the global pandemic COVID-19.
As part of this campaign, we handed over 100% discount vouchers to 100 employees of the NCCD and 60 employees of the Ministry of Health, who are representatives of the front line workers in the health sector. He handed over the same vouchers to 35 employees of the Border Inspection Service at Chinggis Khaan International Airport as a token of appreciation.
We would like to express our deepest respect to all the heroes in white coats who are always on alert in defence of our nations health and wish you success in your work.