Ticket Office

Address: Rockmon Building, 2-nd floor, 209
Tel: (+976) 7000-1111
Email: ticketoffice[at]hunnuair.com

HQ Office

Address: 14251 Narny zam 15, Sukhbaatar district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Tel: (+976) 7000 1111
Email: ticketoffice[at]hunnuair.com

Khuvsgul - branch office

Address: Khuvsgul aimag Murun city, "AND" restaurant, 1st floor
Tel: (+976) 70534422,(+976) 94000636,(+976) 94000637,(+976) 94000638

Umnugobi – branch office

Address: Umnugovi aimag Dalanzadgad sum, Building of Golomt bank
Tel: (+976) 70534422,(+976) 94000647,(+976) 94000648


25% (For domestic flights only)

Eligible to Mongolian citizen elders over 60 years of age

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25% (For domestic flights only)

Mongolian and Foreign students under the age of 30 or younger who are enrolling in community college and/or university for more than 6 months.

Must show valid student ID cards and personal identification.


25% - 90%

Must travel with a guardian

Infant aged between 14 days up to 24 months (on the lap of the guardian) 90%
Child aged between 2 years up to 11 years

If you have further questions write to info@HunnuAir.com, or call +976 70001111