1956 was the year that marked the establishment of Mongolian civil aviation while signifying the historic moment of initially introducing AN-2 aircraft services in the civil aviation industry. After obtaining five AN-2 aircrafts from the USSR in 1956, a lot has been achieved in a relatively short period. With skillful engagement of the plane the preparation for the airmail flight service was complete.

It has been indicated on the 272nd act of Ministerial Committee of People’s Republic of Mongolia, 1956 to “Establish air transport connections in routes Bayankhongor, Khovd, Choibalsan and Khuvsgul provinces with present fleet of AN-2 and other aircrafts.”

In July 7th of 1956, the very first flights with AN-2 were carried out by captain U. Daravgar and his crew with the flight Ulaanbaatar – Bayankhongor – Gobi-Altai – Khovd, captain L.Lhamsuren and his crew with flight Ulaanbaatar – Bulgan – Khuvsgul and captain B. Nemekh and his crew with flight Ulaanbaatar – Khentii – Dornot respectively. It was the moment of joy and excitement for locals with mass gatherings and ceremonies taking place at the airports, marking the launch of AN-2 aircraft’s service in the civil aviation industry of Mongolia.

During the commemoration of Mongolian Air Force’s 40th Anniversary in 1965, chief of the flight brigade of Air Transport Department, pilot colonel Dugar Gungaa along with the AN-2 aircraft captain, instructor pilot, lieutenant U. Daravgar has been awarded the “Pilot Merit”. By the year 1970, the civil aviation industry of Mongolia has reached the capacity to serve 80% of the whole nation reaching 130 sums and agricultural croplands.

The aviation industry has been rapidly developing year by year, reaching its peak in 1990, only to decline hastily in the wake of social transformation of the country resulting it to come to its stagnation in 1992. At that time there were 59 AN-2 aircrafts.

Formerly known as the Monnis Air Service Company that provided agricultural flight services with its AN-2 type aircrafts, the company has been reformed with new establishments as the current “Mongolian Airlines Group LLC” with a new principle to expand its primary operations as well as to further provide highest quality comprehensive passenger and cargo flight services that are equal to global standards. Its ultimate goal was to introduce globally accepted service and safety measures and latest technological innovations such as the Amadeus reservation systems while bringing in highly skilled essential human capital not only into our own ranks but for the benefit of the whole civil aviation sector of Mongolia. All these tremendous milestones have been made possible by our principal investors who are the stakeholders of one of the leading business entities in mongolia, BODI group and MAK.

Mongolian Airlines Group currently deploys a fleet of 4 aircrafts for its passenger flight operation, comprising of world class Airbus 319-100 aircrafts which are globally known for its passenger comfort and safety as well as the Holland manufactured 50 seater Fokker 50 type aircrafts, while 5 of our legendary AN-2 type aircrafts are still flying prolifically in the air for the agricultural flight services.

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