Hunnu Club, the frequent flyer program of Hunnu Air, is designed to award its members the most valuable customers of Hunnu Air, with wide range of benefits in appreciation of their loyalty. These customers are the members of the Hunnu Club, Frequent Flyers of Hunnu Air. Hunnu Air reserves the right to include other airlines and service companies to the program (such as hotels, car rental companies) and to allow earning /redeeming miles via such companies. There are certain conditions for earning /redeeming miles and General Rules and Conditions of Hunnu Club and these conditions are presented to you. Changes on the rules and conditions indicated on this booklet and all other program rules and conditions as well as any special applications may also be publicized on Hunnu Air website and on other communication channels such as Hunnu Club guide booklet, Hunnu Club newsletter, Hunnu Club account statements, etc.