Infant, child
  • Infant: 0-2year of age.
  • Child: 2-12 year of age.

Following procedures shall be followed for the transportation of infants.

  • The infant must accompanied by a parent and will be allocated on same seat.
  • Passengers travilling with infant are not allowed to be seated near the emergency exit.

One adult passenger can accomodate 2 infants. In this case:

  • One of the infants would be seated and will be charged as a child aged 2-12 years. The infant occupying a seat shall have an approved, forward facing car seat. The other infant will travell on the laps of the accompanying passenger.

Number of infants:: A flights number of total infant passengers shall not exceed the infant seat belt number of the aircraft.

Please see below for the aircraft types and their infants seat belt number:

  • Airplane type: Embraer 190,
    Total infant seat belt number: 20
  • Airplane type: ATR 72,
    Total infant seat belt number: 14
  • Airplane type: ATR 42,
    Total infant seat belt number: 10

REMINDER: According to the requirements of the General Directorate of Border Protection of Mongolia, Article 7.1 of the Law on the Travel and Immigration of Mongolian Citizens Abroad for Personal Purposes, "a minor or a person without legal capacity shall travel abroad for personal purposes, or, when immigrating, only his parents or legal guardians" shall note the children under the age of 18 will not be allowed to cross the border of Mongolia without any accompanying passenger based on the provision of traveling together. Therefore, please note that children under the age of 18 must be transported from Ulaanbaatar with their parents or legal guardians or an accredited personnel certified by a notary for accompanying the child for the travel and the documents mentioned below.

  • Certificate from the parent or legal guardian to accompany the child for the travel
  • A copy of the identity card of the parent/ legal guardian
  • A copy of the identity card of the accredited personnel
  • A copy of the childs birth certificate

Please note that all the 4 types of documents above must be notarized. If the child is accompanied by someone other than parents or legal guardians, even if the child is accompanied by grandparents or biological siblings, the above materials must be submitted.

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